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Answers to some of your questions

On this page you'll find clear, concise and easy-to-read articles on some of the most important topics in personal finance. They are written with you in mind. They contain only what you really need to know without too many details, and outline how the topics apply to your personal finance life.

These articles are intended to give you a quick hit of understanding and help you get to know the language of money. To learn more and how it applies to you, let's talk. 


Here's how I see it

Personal finances

It's never too late (or early)
to get organized financially.
Here's how I see it.



Nearly everyone should be invested in the market.
Here's how I see it.


Paying for advice

Paying for advice should be transparent, clear and fair.
Here's how I see it.


Personal finance

What does personal finance mean?

All things to do with your money

Everyday money management, savings, debt, investments, insurance, taxes and estate planning.

What is a TFSA?

Tax Free Savings Account

Gains on your investments held in this type of account are not taxed. Ever.


What is an ETF?

Exchange Traded Fund

A type of investment that gives you instant diversification
for a low price 

Active vs. Passive Investing

Two ways investment funds are managed

Active management means decisions are being made about what to buy and sell. Passive means a fund just mirrors an index.

What is financial coaching?

Guidance, education, and support

A financial coach can teach, guide and motivate you to manage your finances. 


What is an RRSP?

Registered Retirement Savings Plan

Gains on your investments held in this type of account are only taxed when you withdraw funds


What is a Mutual Fund?

A type of investment that gives
you instant diversification
but charges higher fees than ETFs.


How risky is the stock market?

The stock market definitely has its bad days and year, but over the long term, it's reliably resilient. 

Have a look at the 90-year chart to get a good perspective.


Do I need complicated strategies?

Personal finance is not a field ripe for new strategies and innovative thinking. Tried and true approaches to being financially healthy stand the test of time because they work.


What is an RESP?

Registered Education Savings Plan

Save for your child's education and get tax benefits and money
from the government.


What is Fixed Income?

Investments that pay a
pre-determined rate of interest
like GICs and bonds.


Interest Rates

Interest rates have been very low over the past decade but have been rising. 

Have a look at this chart of historic interest rates. 


Notice to readers

These primers are written with the aim of providing the most relevant information for the average person. I have left out details that aren't particularly important to most people. Also, I don't use caveats like "might", "may", and "sometimes" in cases where what I've written applies in most circumstances. This means that there might be exceptions that apply in your situation. 

The information on this website is for educational uses only. It is not intended to be and does not constitute financial, investment or legal advice.

You should not use the information on this website as the sole basis for your decision making. Your financial situation in its entirety must be considered when making financial and investment decisions. Every effort is made to ensure the information on this website is accurate, however you should

make sure you have verified important details before applying the information to your personal situation. We are not responsible for errors and omissions on this website.

Understanding Income Tax

To understand the benefits of various investment accounts,

you need to know how Canada's personal income tax works. 

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