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What people are saying about Clarity

Hear from real people who have worked with me.

"My husband and I were in our late forties when we first sought advice from Anita.  We had no savings and no retirement plan.  We felt incapable of getting ourselves into a secure financial situation. Anita taught us how to invest on our own, and now, after only three years of regular saving and investing, we are in a much more comfortable position for the future and can sleep at night without worrying about our old age.  Anita’s advice, kindness, good humour, and endless patience have literally transformed our financial future."


"I first got interested in F.I.R.E. about four years ago, and have since read a lot of books, listened to podcasts and watched YouTube videos about the movement. While my husband and I have always been good with money, we felt we needed a plan that was based on our specific circumstances. Anita turned out to be just what we needed. She listened carefully, asked the right questions - not just about the numbers, but also about our goals and aspirations - and eventually prepared a plan that will serve as our roadmap to early retirement. In additional to being very professional, Anita is patient, methodical and always quick to respond to emails. And she doesn't charge thousands of dollars for her services, like most of the financial advisers out there. We've already recommended her to some of our friends."                                                                                                 - MI

" My husband and I are in our fifties and have never had a retirement plan—only vague retirement dreams. Anita met with us, reviewed our financials and provided an in-depth, easy-to-understand report that included three potential scenarios. It was eye-opening and reassuring to see our options laid out in detail. 


She also reviewed our investment portfolios and provided some great recommendations for rebalancing them and reducing management fees over the next few years. We're so glad we chose to work with her and highly recommend her services to anyone who wants level-headed, thorough advice on how to make the most of their money and their retirement."


“Working with Anita helped me to make my financial goals a reality. Her spreadsheets helped me to see exactly what my financial future looks like at different life stages and what I need to do to get there. She is warm and knowledgeable and is able to explain concepts in a way that is easy to understand. Tailored, independent financial advice is hard to access and Anita’s services are filling a gap in the system.”


"Anita helped me plan what was needed for my retirement plan. With her guidance, I set up self-directed investment accounts and feel confident in using them. As I gently move into retirement, I feel I am on solid ground and am reassured that she will always be available for any questions I might have."


"I want to be more independent in making investment decisions and really didn't know where to start. Anita is helping me grow my understanding and gain confidence. With her experience she's making investing easier for me to understand. She's focussed on me, as an investor (in training) not on which financial products to sell. I can't think of another service like Clarity." 


"After receiving an inheritance at 26 years old without a solid savings plan it place, it was a bit overwhelming knowing where to best seek out financial advice, especially with who had my best interests in mind. Once meeting Anita, she completely put my mind at ease. Being a novice investor myself, Anita made me feel comfortable, and spent time understanding my goals. She answered all my questions and laid out a plan that is easy for me to understand. Not only did Anita help me make the best use of my inheritance she also set me up on a savings plan for my future. I finally feel confident in my financial future and I’m looking forward to working with Anita again as my goals change and evolve. 


"My wife and I are so happy that we went to Anita for our retirement financial plan.  We felt it was time to have a professional provide us with a plan to guide us as we moved through our retirement years. I will be turning 65 and my wife just turned 64.  Anita conducted a thorough review of our financial situation and investments.   She provided us with an analysis of our projected income streams, decumulation, LTC and real estate needs, and our net worth and estate projections.  Anita reviewed our DIY portfolio and provided us with expert and sound suggestions to reduce risk and simplify our investments.  Working with Anita was a pleasure.  Anita was patient and professional throughout the complete process.  Thank you, Anita for your professionalism and expert advice."


"As we approached the retirement phase in our life, we were in need of assistance to review our portfolio and see if we were in a position to retire and how to achieve it.  Anita took the time to get an understanding of our financial goals, investments and how we could achieve them using a couple of different scenarios.  She answered all our questions and crafted a very detailed retirement plan, laying out how to achieve it in a very easy to understand way.  She also looked at our investment portfolio, helped us understand what to focus on and simplify it to better achieve results.  We wholeheartedly recommend Anita’s services to anyone seeking expert financial guidance and personalized support.  With her guidance and coaching, you can trust that your financial goals are in good hands and that it will give you invaluable peace of mind.

                                                                                                                                                    - WL and DL

"I came to Anita, looking to gain a better understanding of my current finances, and where I stand as a head for retirement within the next 5 years. Anita provided me with a clear picture of my options, which helped me to make decisions around my personal finances and to put my mind at ease regarding any concerns I had about my future. I felt very comfortable working with Anita, and feel good to know that I can reach out to her for any further advise I may need in the future. "                                                                                                        -CW

"I came to Anita after years with a financial advisor but wanted to pay less in management fees and be more independent and in control of my investments. I thought that learning how to invest would be overwhelming but Anita made it very simple and took all of the intimidation out of it. She helped me come up with a plan to achieve my financial goals and gave me tools to continue my own planning. Anita’s advice was clear and concise, delivered with warmth and kindness. I feel completely empowered and confident with all that I’ve learned from her and I only wish that I’d met her sooner."

                                                                          - MP

"I want to thank Anita for putting together our retirement plan. She was able to simplify our complex financial situation with clear guidelines and advice - this gave me much needed peace of mind. She also provided different and insightful scenarios for our mortgage and TFSA which will save us a bundle in our retirement. It has been a pleasure working with Anita."


"I'm very happy with the decision to review my portfolio with Anita. She answered all of my questions thoroughly and provided candid opinions on my holdings as well as asset and market allocations. She got me to think about my various accounts as a single portfolio, identified where I was over and underexposed, and provided sound advice on which investments to hold in which accounts such that my holdings could earn the most tax efficient returns while meeting my investment goals. She also provided a great recommendation that I had not considered for holding my emergency fund. Following Anita's review, the report she provided, and our conversation, I'm more comfortable that I'm making the most reasonable investment decisions for myself and my family. I feel she was invested in helping me make better decisions as well as helping me to learn, which is different from my experience with other investment advisors. She provided value far beyond the rate she charged."                                              -AH

"I didn't think unicorns existed until I found Anita! She is friendly, caring and relatable; an extremely clear and effective communicator; provides excellent tools and resources to help you feel confident about your financial situation; and offers all of this at a rate that is very affordable - a truly one-of-a-kind combination in the financial planning world! I am thrilled to have found Anita and would highly recommend her to anyone who's looking for financial planning advice."


"I love that Anita is unbiased and independent of any bank or financial institution, so I know there are zero ulterior motives for what she's telling me to buy/sell in my current investments. I trusted her advice completely. She is warm and welcoming and funny, knowledgeable and confident, and really gets to know who you are as a person and what your goals are."


"My spouse and I engaged Anita to figure out if we were on track for retirement. Anita was able to not only easily evaluate our situation, but walk us through the complex investment landscape patiently and clearly. After evaluating our situation, Anita came up with a detailed plan, with alternate paths depending on how we'd like to proceed, and then sat down with us 1-on-1 to work through specific questions that we had. The process was smooth and seamless, and Anita was very patient and knowledgeable. We walked away with a plan in hand, and the comfort of knowing we were on track with our retirement goals." 


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