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We meet online 

Our sessions are usually done by video. This means that we can work together no matter where you are in Canada. Phone is always an option and in-person is a possibility for those in West Toronto.

Financial advice as an investment

Financial advice costs money, like any other service. It's an investment in you and your family. Your return on investment comes in the form of maximizing the money you have, saving for future goals, making better investment choices, paying lower fees, and most of all, gaining peace of mind. You can read more here.

How the Clarity process works

Before we start, you and I will have a free 15-30 minute phone conversation to talk about what you need and what I offer. After this, I'll provide you with an outline of what we can do together along with a price (via email). Sometimes we will decide to go with the standard coaching package, and sometimes I'll provide you with a custom package if you are looking for a very specific service.


Either way, you know up front what you are paying and there are no hidden extras.

Spreadsheet workshops



We will take a holistic view of your financial situation: your spending, your savings, and your investments. I'll prepare your personal finance statements and develop a plan with you to achieve your goals.

Spreadsheet workshops

Second Opinion

on Your Investments


If you work with a financial advisor, getting a second opinion on your portfolio can help you feel confident in your advisor, or it can help you decide you need to make a change.

Spreadsheet workshops

Become a

Do-It-Yourself Investor


If you want to take control of your investments and reduce the fees you pay, learning to DIY is what you need. I'll teach you what you need to know to get going. 

Spreadsheet workshops

What's my number?


How much do you need to have to retire? Can you retire early? Are you track for the kind of retirement you want? I'll provide you with an  estimate based on your personal situation. 

Spreadsheet workshops

Young Person's Financial Manual

Learning about money early in life can set you up for a better financial future. This service is geared to people in their 20s. I'll write a personal financial manual covering the most important topics that you need to know, incorporating your specific situation.



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