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Second Opinion
on your investments


For people who don't want anything to do with their managing their investments, working with a financial advisor is the best way to get their savings invested. The thing is, you know your advisor is probably paid through some kind of commissions, and may be incentivized to sell you certain investment products. So how can you be sure that they have your best interests at heart? How can you feel confident that you are invested properly, and not paying too much in fees?


Getting an unbiased view of your portfolio can give you the confidence you need to fully trust your advisor. Or, it may lead you to decide you need to make a change.


As your second set of eyes, I will look at your investments and do an analysis of what you own. I'll tell you whether I think your portfolio has the right mix of products, whether the funds you are invested in are good value or not, and I will tell you how much you are paying in fees every year. I'll offer an opinion on how your advisor is doing, suggest changes your advisor could make to your investments, tell you how you might be able to lower your fees, and suggest what kind of conversation you can have with them to address your concerns.


This service includes: 

  • Up to an hour of one-on-one meeting time.

  • A document outlining my findings and recommendations.

  • Talking points for your conversations with you advisor (if appropriate).

I can often suggest changes to the funds you own that can save you hundreds of dollars in fees every year. More importantly, you'll feel confident in your advisor and be able to have better conversations with them.

Cost: $450 (plus HST)

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