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Spreadsheet Tutorials

Learning to use a spreadsheet program is incredibly helpful when you are managing your personal finances. A spreadsheet helps you organize your information so you can easily see your full financial picture in away that's perfectly tailored to you. It also allows your to track your progress over time.

Using a spreadsheet for things like building a budget and tracking your net worth is quite simple. As a client of Clarity, you don't have to build your sheets on your own: I will give you a template and I will work with you to customize it. All you need to know is how to update it now and then, which is what you will learn in these tutorials.

For these tutorials, I've used Google Sheets since it's free and easy to access. Microsoft Excel is very similar, and Apple's Numbers is somewhat the same, although not as intuitive and easy to use as Excel and Sheets. 

Let's get learning about spreadsheets. You can do it!

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