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Coaching Services


Coaching sessions are usually done by video. This means that we can work together no matter where you are. We will generally have three to five sessions, with email follow-up in between. 

There is no "one way" to engage in financial coaching. One or more of the packages below may work for you, however you might not fit neatly into any of them. In all cases, we will have an initial phone conversation to determine what you need and I'll provide you with a proposal up front outlining what work we will do together, how many sessions we will have, and how much it will cost you. We will work together to find the service that's right for you.

Financial coaching is an investment in you and your family. Your return on investment comes in the form of maximizing the money you have, saving for future goals, better investment choices, lower fees and most of all, peace of mind. You can read more here.

The Clarity Package

This package is right for you if you want to:

  • Understand where you stand financially

  • Tidy-up messy areas of your financial life

  • Get a firm grasp on what you need to do to be financially healthy

We will look at your entire financial picture, identify

what areas need attention, and develop plans

to make sure your finances are in good order. 

The goal is to send you on your way feeling confident that you can handle your finances and know when and who to ask for help. 

The five areas we will focus on:

  1. Your financial values, beliefs, and knowledge

  2. Cash flow and spending, including building a spending tracker

  3. Savings needs and a developing a plan for        your savings

  4. Debt management and how to optimize credit

  5. Investment review and explainer

We will have five in-person, phone or video sessions

of about an hour each over about three months,

plus periodic check-ins to make sure you are on track with the tasks you need to do.

Confidence in your financial health and abilities 


Savings Goals

We will make a plan to realize your savings goals, big and small, including retirement. We can explore how you prioritize these goals, and what you are willing to do to achieve them. I will do an analysis of how much you need to meet your goal and suggest a savings plan.


  • A conversation to talk about and prioritize your savings goals

  • A document summarizing your goals, a savings plan to get you there, and a spreadsheet with   the numbers

  • A conversation to discuss the savings plan and any obstacles in your way.

  • A check-in to see how you are progressing

A savings plan on auto-pilot that gives your confidence you will get there


Investment Review

I will review your investments and provide

an analysis of your portfolio. I will offer suggestions with the goal of minimizing fees and ensuring you have the proper asset allocation for your needs.



  • An initial meeting to explore where you are today

  • A document summarizing and explaining the investments you have

  • A meeting to explain and discuss your options

  • A written summary of the conversation          and suggestions for your portfolio

  • A check-in to see how you are progressing    and to answer further questions

Know what are you are invested in and confidence that you are invested properly 


Become a DIY Investor

If you've ever wanted to learn how to do your own investing, here is your chance. I will explain what

it means to be a "do-it-yourself" investor, how to get set up, and how to place trades. We will discuss

your investment options and I will walk you through the process of opening your accounts, transferring funds and placing your first trades.


  • Three one-hour conversations over 8 to 12 weeks to discuss what it means to be DIY, learn the ropes of your platform, and review investment options

  • One hour of conversation or email time to check in and ask questions

  • A document summarizing our conversations and "to do" items


Save money on investment management fees and be in control


The Young Person's Crash Course


The most beneficial time to learn about

your finances is when you are just starting out.

Learn about budgeting, automated savings programs, spending traps, banking tips, using credit, RESPs

and TFSAs, and investing. This power package

is designed to give you confidence in your financial life and help you start out right. It's much easier to avoid financial problems by starting out right than solving them later on. 


  • Four one-hour meetings

  • Presentation deck summarizing the key points

  • Three 15-minute check in sessions. 

Gift idea!

Start off right to maximize your money over your lifetime


Hourly Coaching


I am here to be that person you go to for financial guidance, advice and information. We will have an in-person, phone, or video conversation to talk about whatever you need. 


You might be facing a financial decision and are looking for some guidance and perspective. Or, you might have a series of questions you want answered in an efficient manner. 

Let's talk!

Have an unbiased coach to help you when you need it 

$150 / hour

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