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Here's how I see it


My views on personal finance-related topics form my approach to managing money. Get a sense of what I think on some important topics and whether my approach speaks to you.

On Managing Your Finances

Understanding your personal finances is a critical part of your life. Worrying about money is not a good use of your brain space. And being properly set up financially gives you more options in life. 

It's never too late (or early) to start. Whether you are 20 or 65, getting organized financially will improve your life.  It does require a little bit of commitment and a willingness to dig in, so you'll need to be motivated. Like starting a running program, it might feel a little painful at first but with time, you might find yourself a little hooked on the high. 


On Investing

If you have money in savings, you need to invest it. Letting it sit in a bank account isn't good enough since inflation will erode its value over time.

Investing is not for the elite or super smart. It's for everyone. Investing in the stock market has become incredibly accessible and easy. Exchange-traded funds and mutual funds are simple ways to get diversified exposure to the stock market. You don't need to pick stocks and try and figure out where the market is going. You don't need to read the financial news or understand how bitcoin works. Just invest and leave it alone. 

On Paying for Advice

You should pay for financial advice. Just like your personal trainer, your therapist and the kids' piano teacher, someone who gives you financial advice should also be compensated for their knowledge and expertise. 

Most people need at least some advice. How much you need is up to you. One thing is certain though: how much you pay should be transparent, understandable and fair. 

I believe in a fee-based model of providing advice. This means you pay a flat fee for a particular service and the advisor does not receive commissions for selling you a financial product like a mutual fund. There are several types of advisors to choose from so choose the one that best meets your needs.  

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