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Clarifying the Murky World of Investing

I've heard time and again that people know they should understand the basics of investing, but they are intimidated, overwhelmed, and/or uninterested. I get it! The good news is that it doesn't take much to feel like investing is within your grasp.  The goal of this page is to make investing feel simple, approachable and doable for you. 


Read on and learn that you can take a straight-forward, low maintenance and inexpensive approach to investing your money. The payoff is well worth the effort.


"I feel the same way about managing that I do about investing: it's just not necessary to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results."  

Warren Buffet

Investing Isn't Complicated

The accessible, simple and totally legitimate approach to investing

Ways to Manage Your Investments

Financial Advisors, Financial Planners, Banks and Do-It-Yourself


The Investment Fund Industry


The Investment Fund Industry


Investment Options

Stocks, Bonds, GICs, Mutual Funds, and ETFs

How to Choose?


Introduction to Simple Investment Portfolios

Taking gourmet cooking down to Betty Crocker levels


The Democratization of Investing


Yes, You Do Need to Be in the Stock Market

Low Interest Rates + Inflation = Negative Returns 


Keys to Investment Success

Diversification, Buy and Hold, and Low Fees


How to Choose ETFs for Your Portfolio

Narrowing Down the Options


Notes to readers

I've written these primers with the aim of providing the most relevant information for the average person. Meaning, I've left out the details that aren't particularly important to you. You can always read lengthier articles elsewhere online if you want the nitty-gritty. Also, note that I don't use caveats like "might", "may", and "sometimes" in cases where what I've written applies in most circumstances. This means that there might be exceptions that apply in your situation. 

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