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Getting your personal finances in order allows you to live a happier life.

Organize your finances, improve your money management skills, and get on track with your savings and investments through one-on-one financial coaching.

A financial coach is your personal financial guide

You have questions about your money and you want to feel more in control of your finances. Who do you turn to? It can be hard to know who you can trust for unbiased advice.

I'm Anita, a personal finance and investing expert and financial coach who loves talking about money. 

I founded Clarity to help people feel more confident about their finances. I am fully independent, with no ties to any financial institution and I don't sell any products. This means I am unbiased and only have your best interests at heart.

With financial coaching, we can work together to take an in-depth look at your finances, strengthen your weak areas, get answers to your questions, and set  you on a path to meet your financial goals.

Read more about me here and watch the video on financial coaching and learning about investing.


What people are saying

Anita’s advice, kindness, good humour, and endless patience have literally transformed our financial future.

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I trusted her advice completely. She is warm, welcoming and funny, knowledgeable and confident, and really gets to know who you are as a person and what your goals are.

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She answers all concerns and helped me feel confident about my investments.


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She's focussed on me, as an investor (in training) not on which financial products to sell.

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Anita helped me plan what was needed for my retirement plan. I feel I am on solid ground.


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