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What's my number?
Retirement planning


You're thinking about retirement, but you're not sure whether you're saving enough. Or maybe you'd like to retire early or work part-time. Is this realistic for you? What do you need to do to get there? 

I can provide you with an estimate of how much you'll need to have in retirement savings to retire at any age, be it 65 or earlier. My estimate is highly personalized. I meet with you online to find out what kind of retirement you have in mind, and I gather all the relevant financial information. I can create various scenarios to see what your options are, and create a savings plan to reach your goal.


This service includes: 

  • An 30-minute conversation to learn about your retirement goals

  • A schedule of your income in retirement, showing all source of income and your expenses

  • A table showing the drawdown of you retirement assets to see how long they will last 

  • A document outlining my findings and recommendations

  • A follow up conversation to review my findings and recommendations

You can choose the inputs if you'd like, or I can make assumptions based on reasonable estimates. The bottom line is that this is a highly personal retirement number that will give you a good sense of what is a realistic retirement goal.

Cost: $700 per person/$850 per couple (plus HST)

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