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Learn to use spreadsheets


Spreadsheets are the most useful tool in the personal finance toolbox. A spreadsheet can be used to track your money, organize your accounts and investments, and track your spending, among other things. It is fully customizable - you can make it look exactly the way you need it to. No app can do this perfectly. 

You might think spreadsheets are complicated. They can be. The power of a spreadsheet is incredible. But the basics are simple and easy to learn, and the basics are all you need to track your finances. 

I've worked with spreadsheets my entire career - nearly 25 years - and in the last 15 years of my career I built complex financial models. I used Excel nearly every day and loved it. I can teach you what you need to know to get around a spreadsheet, enter information, make simple calculations, and other basics. 

My workshop is live online, and one-on-one with you  - and your partner and kids if you want. (Kids pick it up really quickly so you might want them to learn so they can help you out!) We use Google Sheets since it's free for everyone, unless you prefer to use Excel.

The workshop is comprised of two one-hour sessions with homework in between. 

Cost: $300 (for you and your partner/kids)

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