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Other important things to talk about

Life can be hard. Even if things are basically good, we all have things that weigh us down. When I was younger, I felt I was the only one experiencing things like anxiety, imposter syndrome, low self-confidence and shame. Things are changing, and conversations in public forums are more open, but I think many of us still hold our worries and negative feelings close to our vest for fear of looking weak, burdening others, or appearing to be self-centered. 

Maybe it's helpful to hear about someone else's anxiety, negative thought patterns, and fear. 


This page is dedicated to my experiences with hard things, big and small (because the small things can really add up). My goal is to be authentic. Honesty and openness can really help ease our discomfort This page will also have some of the remedies I use to keep myself balanced.


I welcome your thoughts and feedback. Or maybe you'd like to share an experience of your own. Drop me a line through the form at the bottom of the page.  

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